Wednesday, October 24, 2012

more than 171 people demand that Mitt Romney admit that his real name is Mittens

An astounding 172 people have signed the petition demanding that Mitt Romney admit that his real first name is Mittens.  It's time for Mittens to listen to the people and admit the aweful truth that he was named after the beloved family cat.  Can you hear us Mittens?  Should we just yell louder?

I'm scared of Mittens R. Money

always pay Mittens on time

Urgent plea to Vote for Mittens

Kittens for Mittens

Mittens R. Money

Kitten Kingpin

Friday, July 20, 2012

26 heroes sign the petition just this week! Admit it Mitt, your name is Mittens!

Thanks to everybody for signing! It's about time America learned the truth about Mitt Romney. Release the tax returns and his birth certificate! Let the world know the truth, Mittens! It is your destiny.